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Merle Norman 24k Primer VS Guerlain 24K Gold Radiance Primer

Why should you prime? Just like priming walls before you paint, priming your skin is an important step. Priming the skin before make up provides a smoother application and a longer wear time. 

Now lets talk about gold...yes, I said gold! Skincare containing gold is all the rage currently. Gold is an antioxidant and also has anti-inflamitory properties. These types of products provide your skin with the ingredients it craves and makes you feel like one of the stars. Today I will compare the Merle Norman 24k primer with the Guerlain L'Or primer. Both products claim to restore radiance, firm, and smooth.1 oz of the Guerlain primer comes with a hefty price tag of $74.00. Merle Norman's primer is the same 1 oz and is only $51.99. Come in and get a sample for yourself!



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